We can create your VIP List

We can create your VIP List There are only two ways for a Business to make more money:
1) Get more Customers...
2) Get more money from the current Customers
While the first solution is expensive and difficult to follow, the second requires only a little help, and we are here to help you.

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We will manage the VIP List

As soon as we start our working relationship, we will offer you all the graphics needed to make Flyers, Table Tents and Displays. Place them in strategic places of your store and encourage your employees to advertise the event. Surprisingly the list of your customers will always be bigger and you will be surprised by the results you will get.

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We will menage your Coupons

Every week we will contact your list to give your offers, your discounts, or your coupons. We will do so directly on their "Smart Phones", they will be delighted to receive them because they are awaiting your coupons.

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What is the VIP List

The VIP List is a mobile marketing solution to build customer loyalty. It is based on building a Customer List for our clients and to favor the relationship that is created with them. The VIP List is a practical solution, efficient and inexpensive to have a continual return of your customers through weekly promotions.

We manage the list and with our help, many companies have increased their turnover by more than 20 %, and after a period of only 2 months . Sure there are geographical differences that determine the results and we can not promise the same result, sometimes may be greater, sometimes lower, but what we can guarantee is our total and absolute commitment to improve your results. Ethically, during our cooperation, we will not share with anyone your VIP List and also the data of your clients are protected by a cryptic system modern and effective.
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