Zone Managers



We are Hiring Zone Managers in your Zone
The Zone Manager is the main figure of contact in the organization.
It has the delicate task of Search, Contact, Acquire, Follow and Promote customers which belongs to his circle.
He/her is Accurate, Attentive to detail, Proactive, but especially Honest with his
direct Customers, he/her is also responsible to Research, Interviews, Promote and to Assist the Consultants in his Zone.
He/her is Accurate, attentive to detail, Proactive, and again Honest with
Customers and Consultants.
Its task is to maintain contact with its customers on the weekly basis to receive offers that are required from time to time and to be in constant contact with his Consultants, offering to them solutions to the problems and difficulties they might encounter.
He/her introduce, to all the customers in its portfolio and to its consultants, the various Marketing proposals, he/her set the graphic material at its customer premises, and he/her instruct its Consultants on how to do the same.
The Zone Manager is self-sufficient, self motivated and organized , working methodically, creates the first contact with its direct potential customers, following them from then on, he/her also trains, organize and stimulate its Consultants.
Our Zone Manager has the potential for an incredible growth in Join the VIP List and for his earnings,
“The Sky’s the Limit”
He/her has an exceptional potential for career in the Organization and, if he/her proves quality . right attitudes and willingness, he/her can quickly advance to positions more suited to its quality .
The residual commissions he/her receives are related to the objectives that he/her reaches.
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